Calibration Services

    Measurement Engineering has been providing calibration and product services to your equipment. Our calibration lab does cover ISO17025 standard, Singlass, A2LA, UKAS, standard calibration and etc.
    Standard factory calibration Standard factory calibration
    ISO17025 calibration ISO17025 calibration
    NIST calibration NIST calibration
    A2LA calibration A2LA calibration
    Annual test system compliance audit Annual test system compliance audit
    A2LA Calibration
    ilac MRA
    Singapore Accreditation Council
    UKAS Calibration
    NIST Calibration
    Measurement Alliances (MA) calibration
    Worry about having equipment with too heavy maintenance cost? We will have your equipment calibrated with free of charge. Give us a call/email. Talk to us. Your problem is just 1 click away.

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    Excellence   Quality   Sustainablity